Conference experiences

This autumn has been pretty busy for me, conference-wise. After being heavily involved with organising one at TSE, I’ve been attending two elsewhere. And although none of the confeafricolarence programs were closely related to my specific research areas, I’ve still gained good contacts, plenty of interesting ideas to use on courses and also new perspectives for couple of articles. Some unforgettable moments and tastes have been experienced too.

In ARES at Regensburg University, Elena Ferrari commented that in social networks you are not the customer, but the advertiser is and you are just the commodity. How well put! My social network considered this to be social media 101, basic information, which is true, but how often Facebook, Instragram, LinkedIn users consider this?

She further continued that the meaning of trust in online shopping might be quite something else than in social media. For an online shopper, it is vital that service and product quality is as expected or better and that the seller can be trusted to deliver the goods/services in time. But in social media, the user should be able to trust that the company complies with their privacy polices and access control, so his or her data is not shared with anyone unknown (fortunately now we know that there are also other parties overseas that are tracking our social media / internet presence all the time :).

It might however be, that the user is the weakest link in access control and in privacy. With current amount of applications per one user, many use the same passwords for several services. Some tend to share quite frivolously pictures or texts of themselves, friends, family members (why would anyone be interested what I do)? Now we just know that police has been able to solve some crimes with the help of social media, some others have gotten themselves in tight spots with insurance companies or employers.

Probably we just have to accommodate ourselves to the fact that there are at least three parties in terms & condition contracts: you, company and the big brother overseas. But there are techniques how you can come up with good passwords or memorise them, maybe you should try one now?