Design annoyances

Mobile web pages are annoying. Not all mobile web pages, but the ones that decide for you, that you want to see them, and where the button for non-mobile pages either does not exist or is hidden or is in wrong language. Typical examples of how this is done wrong would be Wikipedia, Amsterdam Marathon and, of course, how else, our own WordPress web pages – and thus these pages too. Scroll, scroll, scroll – and maybe find an option to view the full page.

Similarly annoying are pages like, which automatically redirects to the national pages. I understand that this does not bother most people, but when I am in Spain (or Netherlands, or Greece) and want to use Google, it is somewhat annoying, as my Spanish (and Dutch, and Greek) is a bit rusty. And anyway, if I do a search on, I get different results (to the first page, and we know, that if the answer is not on the first page, people rarely bother to check page two and onwards) than I would with

Minor first world problems, to be sure. But what is wrong with asking if I want this instead of forcing me?


One thought on “Design annoyances

  1. Maybe user friendliness is different for different people? Companies are trying to optimize user experience at all costs, and maybe there just more users, who prefer not to be asked than those, who want the same as you?

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