Pensar Research Workshop – May 14th to 16th 2012

Most of us have to suffer the consequences of getting lost in emails – one after another hitting your inbox, daring you to respond or delete. But how often do we lose emails?

Well, I did, and almost didn’t make it to Pensar!

Due to the TSE migration, of which I shall mention no more, my email for invite to Pensar research workshop never arrived. So on the Friday before our Monday morning departure, I was made aware of my participation by a colleague – and I am glad I was informed. Or else, I would have missed the boat – literally!

The organizers of this workshop could not have chosen a better location. Pensar Island is serene, beautiful and very interesting history.

We arrived in Pensar on Monday morning (the journey from Turku took 90 minutes), and even in the unforgiving chilly weather, the island felt warmly welcoming. After a quick cup of coffee, some snacks and nature-admiring, we (the organizers and the participants) got together for the first part of the workshop.

Within the first 2 hours, Professor Hannu Salmela had clearly broken down the essence of a good research paper. Having analyzed various papers within high-ranking publications, Hannu provided us with a good structure for writing abstracts. The enthusiasm and eagerness to learn meant that we all participated within this session, understanding and appreciating the ingredients that are central to a strong paper.

The content of Hannu’s presentation was easy to digest and provided valuable insights into the structure of a high-quality abstract (and consequently, a paper).

Following the seminar, the participants were recommended to rework their abstracts. Rest of the day involved individual writing, followed by a visit to the sauna in the evening. The dinner served at the Pensar Syd was typically Swedish, and complimented the beautiful surroundings.

On Tuesday, we all continued to work individually, expanding on the abstract to restructure and improve rest of the paper. The weather on this day was calm, sunny, and perfect for sitting outside in the sun – which we did! In the evening, the local tour guide took us for a small excursion around the island, fascinating us with the history of Pensar – especially during the times of war.

Some of the participants left on Tuesday evening, but others continued to the sauna, followed by a nice barbeque on an otherwise cold evening!

On the final day, Wednesday – all of us presented our new abstracts for assessment and discussion. While we were offered a few tips for enhancing these abstracts further, the final work was much better in comparison to the initial abstract.

The workshop was a success, and we all feel that another workshop on the island would be welcomed by most of us!

(Picture credits: Jose A. Apolinario Teixeira)


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  1. The place was really great, maybe next year we will go there again to Pensar Information System Seminar. The scenery was beautiful, history interesting and one could concentrate on writing.

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